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Peter N Robinson, MD

Peter N. Robinson, MD

We are living in a time of unparalleled opportunity to extend our understanding of human disease and improve the care of patients with precision genomic medicine. Sophisticated bioinformatics and computational biology are essential to achieve the full potential of genomics for science as well as for our patients. The goal of my research is to develop algorithms and computational resources for genomic medicine and to apply them to data to improve our understanding of disease and ability to use genomice data for diagnostics and tailoring clinical care. I studied Mathematics (Bachelor) at Columbia College, Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, and Computer Science (Master's) at Columbia University. I completed an intership in Primary Care Internal Medicine at Yale University, and a residency (Facharzt) in Pediatrics at Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin in Berlin, Germany. Subsequent to that, I led the Bioinformatics group at the Institute for Medical Genetics and Human Genetics at the Charité from 2004-2016. IN 2016, I relocated to the Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine in Connecticut, USA.

To learn more: Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine

We are hiring

The Robinson lab is currently hiring. Positions are available for developers, bioinformaticians, and scientific curators. Contact me for more information.

A number of projects are continuing with lab members from the Berlin team including Sebastian Köhler, Peter Hansen, Layal Abo Khayal, Robin Steinhaus, and Peter Krawitz.

  • Sebastian Köhler, Dr. rer. nat. (Homepage
  • Peter Krawitz,, Dipl. Phys.
  • Marten Jäger, Msc Bioinformatik (Google Scholar
  • Max Schubach, MSc. Bioinformatik (Google Scholar
  • Leon Kuchenbecker, MSc. Bioinformatik
  • Robin Steinhaus
  • Layal Abo-Kayal
  • Na Zhu
  • Peter Hansen
  • Christian Rödelsperger
  • Duc Dang
  • Martin-Atta Mensah
  • Patrick Booms
  • Marcel H Schulz
  • Miriam Sandya Bauer
  • Sandra Appelt
  • Martin Wettig
  • Begoña Muñoz-Garcia
  • Dmitri Parkhomchuk
  • Dr. Sebastian Bauer
  • Oliver Stolpe
  • Manuel Holgrewe
  • Verena Heinrich